LawBreakers studio's new game is an x-treme battle royale shooter


"Game Show Moments" take place at random during each match in dynamic fashion, with more to be introduced as the game continues development in Early Access, a spokesperson tells Variety.

Visual identity aside, Radical Heights' reveal trailer shows off pristine hillsides, suburban neighborhoods, campsites and golf courses, hinting at the possibility of an open-world arena for players to duke it out in. The number of cosmetic items you are carrying is denoted above your Weapon and Gear slots by the 3 additional squares on your HUD. Numerous items in Radical Heights are cosmetic like shirts and trousers so players can purchase these items to just customize their very own character.

After the bitter judgment day, we genuinely believe that the graphics and setup are similar Fortnite, which lately appears to be more successful than PUBG. While we know that the game is hitting PC via Steam Early Access later today, some potential fans may be wondering if it's also coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

You can find out more on the project's Steam page or by visiting the official site.

If you are looking to spend some cash in order to deck out your character in some 80's style cosmetics, the Founder's Pack is available for $14.99 and will have you looking like Rambo while blasting away you opponents in the 80's style carnage.

Though an interesting concept, Cash could be easily exploited if they add microtransactions, as players with lots of money to spare could use their wealth to buy themselves an in-game advantage.

The 80s-themed glitz and glamour of the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic (along with Midway's Smash TV) is a clear inspiration for Radical Heights, and players will need to safely navigate the game's neon-tinged environments if they want to survive. Now that you have some cash, go buy a weapon.

"Lawbreakers is certainly fun while it lasts; it's nigh on impossible to not get engrossed in the mayhem for at least its first ten hours". If they're free, play a few matches and take note of the features you like.

"If you die during the match, you will lose a percentage of the cash you have stashed in your wallet".