Map selection is now coming to PUBG


It's been a long wait for fans of PUBG but it looks like the developers have finally heard their cries as they announced on April 19th that they are finally going to implement map selection.

The first problem: Would adding map selection cause serious increases in matchmaking times for the various servers and modes?

The one major problem with adding map selection is causing matchmaking issues by splitting the community; hence, Bluehole did not include the feature in their game for quite a while.

To solve this, we couldn't just rely on one source of feedback (like Reddit).

While that may not be a concern in regions where PUBG is super popular, like here in the USA or in China, implementing a map selector could potentially increase matchmaking times in other regions that aren't quite so populated.

As for how this new feature works, you will be able to select the map that you want to play on by simply clicking it. This is particularly useful as more and more maps are added into the game; the new Savage map is in the test server available for play already. You can use this to tell the game that you'd only like to play one specific map, though if you leave multiple maps selected, the game will randomly pick one for you.

As with every feature in PUBG, we'll continue to make improvements to the map selection feature over time.

Bluehole's plan is to include the new option into the test server for PUBG before the live server, but they have not been outspoken regarding when they intend to do so, though they have said that the feature is nearly complete.

The console's "early access" version of the 100-person, massive-arena shooter is now free to download and play so long as you are an Xbox Live Gold subscriber.