Mark Zuckerberg Testified In Front Of Congress And Was Absolutely Roasted Online


Seemingly unimpressed, Republican Sen. "How is today's apology different?"

During almost five hours of questioning by 44 US senators, Zuckerberg repeated apologies he previously made for a range of problems that have beset Facebook, from a lack of data protection to Russian agents using Facebook to influence USA elections.

Zuckerberg will be the sole witness during two days of testimony. He'll face House questioners Wednesday.

But the 33-year-old internet mogul managed to deflect any specific promises to support any congressional regulation of the world's largest social media network and other US internet companies. Even so, his youth cast a sharp contrast with his often-elderly, grey-haired Senate inquisitors. And the enormous complexity of the social network he created at times defeated the attempts of legislators to hammer him on Facebook's specific failures and how to fix them. Still, it is notable that Zuckerberg confirmed the company's cooperation with Mueller's team.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made his much-anticipated appearance in the Congressional hearing on Tuesday and faced questions from the Commerce and Judiciary committees over data breach scandal involving British political firm Cambridge Analytica.

To which Zuckerberg responded "no" before launching into a more detailed. explanation.

At times, he showed plenty of steel.

In the past he has left it to top lieutenants to answer questions from legislators.

If you've got five hours to spare and want to know everything Zuckerberg was asked you can check out the full hearing embedded below this story. Zuckerberg said he didn't "have that information with me", but could follow up. He offered no details, citing a concern about confidentiality rules of the investigation.

Lawmakers questioned whether the election meddling and poor controls on personal data requires the government to step in to regulate Facebook and other social media companies which generate revenue from user data.

"Facebook does not use your phone's microphone to inform ads or to change what you see in News Feed".

So there you have it, official word from Facebook that it is not recording your conversations unless you are recording said conversation as a video.

He said Facebook has deployed new Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools that better identify fake accounts, trying to interfere in elections or spread misinformation. This programme would reward people with first-hand knowledge and proof of cases where a Facebook platform app collects and transfers people's data to another party to be sold, stolen or used for scams or political influence. "Knowing what we know now, we should have handled things differently".

Separately, the company began alerting some of its users that their data was gathered by Cambridge Analytica. One of those being that everyone globally on their Facebook page will see an alert leading them to the apps setting where they can review the apps they've allowed access to their data.

That data was then modelled and used to sway undecided voters into voting for Donald Trump in the 2016 USA presidential election. In retrospect, it was clearly a mistake to believe them.

But Zuckerberg would not support the proposed law.

In a similar exchange, Sen.

"I think he understands that regulation could be right around the corner, " Nelson said. And it was my mistake, and I'm sorry. I started Facebook and I run it.

The company started testing the authorization process this week, and people will begin seeing the label and additional information in the U.S. later this spring.