Mayor pays tribute to Winnie Mandela


Her grandson Bambatha Mandela described Winnie, who died on April 2 after a long illness, as "an extraordinary woman, a mother, a soldier, a fighter".

In 2016, she was granted the highest honour of the City of Ekurhuleni, namely "The Freedom of the City Award", for her contribution to our liberation struggle.

"Her actions were therefore at all times informed by the commitment to enhance the capacity of our movement to fight actively against apartheid and eliminate anything that threatens to weaken that capacity".

Second, it is rather disorienting, if not disheartening, that those who have cast aspersions on her moral character when she was alive, are people who could not have withstood one-hundredth of what Mama Winnie was subjected to by the apartheid monstrosity. She was dubbed the "Mother of the Nation" while numerous musicians and writers across the world, who celebrated Nelson Mandela in their works, also accorded her eminence consideration. Nelson Mandela's wife was much younger than he.

He recognises that the South African public's view of her has been divided into polar opposites, one of villain and one of saint. With the message "She is not dead, she has multiplied", the aim was to counter the unflattering stories that have been told since her death.

The Daughtrys helped organize the Nelson and Winnie Mandela trip to NY and hosted Winnie at a Women's Leadership Symposium at The House of the Lord Church and at a massive public rally at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

"Winnie will only rest in peace if we restore the dignity of our people by ensuring that they have an equal claim to the land of their forebears and their birth". It is more for her untiring struggle to get the nation out of repression, and onto self - rule as they have it today. In the midst of repression, she was a voice of defiance and resistance. Indeed, throughout her adult life, she discharged her duty as a patriot and a lover of her people by rebuking and not sugarcoating the injustice her people were subjected to.

But for Madikizela-Mandela, the end of apartheid marked the start of a string of legal and political troubles that, accompanied by tales of her glamorous living, kept her in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. While in prison, when Nelson Mandela was banned from reading newspapers, it was Winnie that connected him to the external world through her regular visit.

"She served the interests of our people". Yes, the thorns sometimes pricked so hard that the blood from the wounds covered up my eyes and the excrutiating pains blinded me for a while. I always used to see her around Soweto as a child. Unfortunately, she was separated from her the late Madiba in 1996, two years after he became South Africa's First Black President.

Madikizela-Mandela's reputation had been severely damaged by a speech she gave in 1986 endorsing "necklacing" as a punishment for traitors to the ANC's cause. They were members of her vigilante gang, the so-called Mandela United Football Club. For they knew, in their heart of hearts, that their struggle was her struggle. In May 1991, she was sentenced to six years in prison for kidnapping in relation to the incident, but the sentence was later reduced to a fine.