Mother of child thrown off roof in police custody


Police believe Steven Pladl, 45, committed the triple murder-suicide that spanned several states over the past week. Police spokesperson Andre Beetge is quoted as saying that the girl was doing well and added that they would be "getting social workers to deal with the matter".

Steven and his former wife had Katie in 1998. Pladl had told his then-wife a year ago that he had impregnated their daughter and planned to marry her.

Cops were tipped off to the deaths by Steven's mother, who called 911 Thursday morning, right before the bodies were found.

Virginia lawyer Rick Friedman, who had been representing Steven Pladl throughout the felony incest case, talked about he had breakfast with Pladl exclusively a month up to now and had no indication that such violence was attainable.

Police who were called to the residence by Steven's mother asking them to perform a welfare check at 9am, came upon the boy's lifeless body.

Katie Pladl's bond terms required her to live with her adoptive parents, who live in NY. Police say S. Padl killed K. Padl and her adoptive father in CT. The baby was born in September. New Milford Police Chief Shawn Boyne said Steven pulled up next to a auto occupied by Anthony and Katie and fired multiple shots into their upper torso and head areas. Katie Pladl and Fusco were both found dead in a pickup truck in nearby New Milford, Connecticut.

Captain Beetge said: "Due to the risky threat to the safety of the child police set out a plan to rescue the little girl and arrest the male and one of our officers successfully caught the girl as she was flung". At this time, it is unclear how Kate and her adoptive dad died. The conditions of her release were that she must reside with her adoptive parents, who live in NY, but she was allowed to travel outside of the state.

Katie was given up for adoption when she was a baby and got back in touch with her birth parents in June 2016.

Instead she moved to Henrico, and a short while later, Alyssa and Steven separated with the intent to divorce.

"There are no words to describe the sense of betrayal and disgust I'm feeling", she told DailyMailTV.

The father, with the assistance of a 35-year-old woman identified as the toddler's mother, had climbed onto the roof of the last shack still standing with his child after about 150 residents had urged him to do so, some chanting: "They will do nothing to it [shack]".

On Thursday, law enforcement officers in Port Elizabeth rescued a one-year-old baby girl after her father threw her from the roof of a shack in the Joe Slovo township. She said Katie Pladl had ended their relationship the day before.

"We located two victims or the deceased on scene, information developed by witnesses to identify a suspect vehicle", said New Milford Police Lt. Lawrence Ash.