Nintendo Switch Sega Ages collection: 15+ games, 5 named so far


This will include a lineup of retro games that are being launched in both the United States, the UK and Japan. Instead, they'll be released digitally through the Switch eShop, with more than 15 different games planned for the first phase of releases (if you could call it a phase). Plus Genesis versions of Thunder Force IV, Sonic the Hedgehod, and the original arcade version of Gain Ground. The new titles will be released under the company's retro gaming label, Sega Ages.

"Sega Ages, the original series that brought classic games to modern consoles, is being rebooted for Nintendo Switch". We've seen developers take advantage of the Switch's popularity by raising the cost of some popular games that get ported to the console, but we imagine that these games will be available for a comparable price.

As somebody who's into both Sega and retro games, I've heard a lot about Sega Ages, but I've never had a chance to try out the series for myself.

Studio M2, known for the re-release of the Sega 3D Classics Collection on the Nintendo 3DS and Sega Ages titles on the PlayStation 2, is responsible for the Sega Ages games on the Switch, which will all come with added features.

"We will extend this initiative to the Saturn and Dreamcast with your continued support", he is quoted as telling the crowd at Sega Fes 2018. Now we just need to wait for E3 to roll around so Sega can provide us with a release schedule, as well as when Saturn, Dreamcast and arcade games will start rolling in. Alex Kidd was chosen because of its great performance on the Virtual Console, especially in Europe.

Gain Ground is the first arcade game that has been announced as part of Sega Ages, and Sega has said that it will not be the only one.