'Precision strikes': Trump's speech on why the US attacked Syria


The Russian Foreign Ministry called the reports of Saturday's chemical attack "fake news", while the Russian military investigating the area found no traces of chlorine or nerve agents, any eyewitnesses who could confirm their use or anyone who might have been affected. He authorized a barrage of Tomahawk cruise missiles to hit a single Syrian airfield in April 2017 in retaliation for Assad's use of sarin gas against civilians. He described it as a "a one-time shot", adding, "I believe it has sent a very strong message".

"Last year, the president kept his promise to end the TPP deal negotiated by the Obama Administration because it was unfair to American workers and farmers", the White House said in a statement. The ties that the USA would achieve through a Trans-Pacific Partnership strengthen our ties with key security allies like Japan and Australia, New Zealand.

The air campaign could frustrate those in Trump's base who oppose military intervention and are wary of open-ended conflicts.

"I'm supportive of this targeted attack, carried out in partnership with our allies, on the source of these barbaric chemical weapons, but as I've said before, it needs to be part of a broader strategy".

Russia's ambassador to the United States warned that there would be consequences for the US-led military strikes, adding that it was not acceptable to insult Russia's president. "Hopefully, someday we'll get along with Russian Federation, and maybe even Iran - but maybe not".

And then there's the other trillion-dollar question: "How receptive will the other 11 nations be to welcoming the USA back?"

Saeed Saeed, head of the Institution for the Development of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries, said the center was previously used by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) but now works on pharmaceutical products. He said he is also praying for the Middle East and United States.

The presence of Russian troops and air defenses in Syria were among numerous complications weighing on Trump, who must also consider the dangers to roughly 2,000 American troops in the country if Russia were to retaliate for US strikes.

It also said the Treasury "places significant importance" on China adhering to its G20 commitments to refrain from engaging in competitive devaluation of its yuan.

Priest said the new version excludes several critical provisions that would have benefited the US had it not withdrawn from the agreement past year.

In his nationwide address, Trump stressed that he has no interest in a longtime fight with Syria. As other nations step up their contributions, we look forward to the day when we can bring our warriors home.

Both advocates and opponents of legalized bud reacted with care on Saturday to evidence from the WhiteHouse that farmers at USA nations where in fact the medication would be permitted could be guarded against prosecution, " declaring it was too premature to be aware of the final impact. They are in eastern Syria, far from Damascus.

Certain industries in the US stand to benefit from re-entry into the deal, including auto manufacturers, along with pharmaceutical, technology and telecom companies, Iain Murray, vice president of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told FOX Business.

"The president is now encouraging the legal rights of Coloradans to produce conclusions on their own", Hunt explained in a telephone interview.