Russia gambles its debt is too popular for US to sanction


Senior security officials in the US and United Kingdom issued a joint statement Monday blaming Russia for a "malicious" cyber offensive aimed at stealing intellectual property and possible espionage to support the "Russian Federation's national security and economic goals", ABC News reports.

Millions of devices belonging to government offices, internet service providers and critical infrastructure operators were affected, the statement continued.

"The current state of USA and United Kingdom network devices, coupled with a Russian government campaign to exploit these devices, threatens our respective safety, security, and economic well-being", the technical alert said.

Shortly after the announcement, the White House said Joyce would leave his post and return to the US National Security Agency.

Some private-sector cyber security experts have criticized the US government for being too slow to release information about cyber attacks.

"This is the first time that in attributing a cyber attack to Russian Federation, the USA and the United Kingdom have, at the same time, issued joint advice to industry about how to manage the risks from attacks. We've been very clear in our actions what we expect and we hope they'll have a change in their behaviour".

Russia has heavily criticized the US, UK and France for launching airstrikes against Russia-ally Syria, while Washington and London have accused Moscow of responsibility for a nerve-agent attack against a former Russian double agent in southern England. Last month the Trump administration blamed Russian Federation for a campaign of cyber attacks stretching back at least two years that targeted the US power grid.

Meanwhile a spokesman for President Vladimir Putin said the allegations were "groundless", adding Moscow favoured "an impartial investigation". "We will attribute where we can", he said, accusing Russian Federation of "not playing by the same rules" and of "blurring the boundaries between criminal and state activity".

As well as facing MPs' questions, she will also take the unusual step of calling an urgent debate - although this is expected to fall far short of an explicit vote on the military action demanded by some in the Commons.

"Much of this advice is around following good basic practices around network configuration and patching", he said, adding that because the Russian cyber attack capability is a global problem, the advice issued by the United Kingdom and USA is also relevant to other countries.