Shenmue I and II coming to the PC this year


The original Shenmue was one of the best titles to see release on Sega's Dreamcast system, ranking at the time as the most expensive video game ever made and offering up a gaming experience that felt very different from anything that had come before it. In Japan SEGA will be releasing these games on PS4. The adventure series began back in December 1999 when Shenmue debuted on the Sega Dreamcast in Japan before a western release in 2000. It should be noted that the PS4, Xbox One, PC versions were announced for United States and European territories.

Along with announcing a new micro-console, Sega has excited gamers by sharing the news that Shenmue and Shenmue II are to be released on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime in 2018.

While we still have to wait for the release of Shenmue 3, fans of the franchise will be happy to know that the first two games in the series are now getting HD remasters. The game features scalable resolution, choice of modern or classic controls, PC graphics options, an updated user interface, and the option to select original Japanese or English voiceovers.

There's no word on a date yet beyond 2018, but this is barmy news.

This re-release comes at the flawless time, as Shenmue III is now in development, and this port will be ideal to help gamers relive or catch up with the Shenmue trilogy. The third part of the franchise will arrive a full 17 years after its predecessor, and will look to finally continue the story of the Shenmue franchise as a whole.