'SNL': De Niro, Stiller reunite for Mueller-Cohen lie-detector tango


"If you're innocent, you have nothing to worry about", De Niro's Mueller says as he straps Stiller's Cohen to a lie detector.

After some warm-up questions, Mueller told Cohen about how his investigation has been using codenames for the politicians they've been looking into. "I'm Donald Trump's lawyer, I've got a whole hard drive labeled 'skanks, '" Stiller said.

After yet another week of controversy and scandal surrounding the Donald Trump administration, the president forced to push back and make major decisions impacting his time in office. Who played Mueller? None other than Stiller's old co-star, Robert De Niro.

De Niro would then give Stiller's Cohen a lie detector test, which he failed when asked if Trump knew about the payment of $130,000 to Stormy Daniels.

Asked whether he's ever threatened people to stay quiet, Stiller as Cohen responds: "Directly? No".

Mueller then asks if Trump paid off Stormy Daniels and when Cohen answers no, the needles on the machine start moving furiously.

"I'll start with some easy ones: Did ya like the pee pee tape?"

"The pair then did some movie callbacks, as Cohen explained, 'You can milk anything with nipples", a line used by his character, Gabriel Focker, in Meet the Parents. "You broke the law and we're going to catch all you little 'fockers, '" he warned. The codename for Cohen was "dead man walking".

When Cohen got testy, thw sketch closed with a warning to Trump's team. If you've never thought about why a CT town would build a gazebo during the Civil War or how much of your day is spent proving you're not a robot, the comedian will really make you stop and question things.

The show opened with what we thought would be another Jeff Sessions-led sketch, but the cold open quickly evolved into the Meet the Parents redux we never knew we needed.