Star Wars Battlefront II microtransactions are back?! Why?!


Now EA plans to honor that with the latest Star Wars Battlefront 2 update and the addition of a new mode where you can play as a small, furry warrior. As each Stormtrooper is defeated they'll spawn as an Ewok until all Stormtroopers have been eliminated.

The new Star Wars Battlefront II update drops on April 18 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

EA are adding the ability to play as ewoks or to hunt them, as they also reintroduce microtransactions to the game. The stormtroopers might have more firepower behind them, but the Ewoks are far more capable of moving around on their own terrain.

As well as bringing back microtransactions, the Endor update will also introduce a brand new multiplayer mode called Ewok Hunt.

EA removed crystals previous year following controversy over "Battlefront II's" microtransaction and loot box systems.

Beneath the evening skies of Endor, the might of the Empire means little to the Ewoks as they fight for control of their home world.

The effects of the controversy are expected to extend to other EA games, as the unannounced Battlefield V will possibly only feature microtransactions for cosmetic items. When an Ewok kills a Stormtrooper they respawn as an Ewok.

For those who absolutely don't want to spend real money no matter what, these looks can also be purchased in your in-game credits. "In March we launched the Progression Update, April is Night on Endor and moving forward we're committed to keeping up this cadence of content updates". Over 50 additional Appearances to personalize your units will be made available in this update (learn more about Appearances and rarities, and get even more details on this update, in our Community Transmission). Seasons will revolve around specific themes; the studio hasn't revealed what Season Two's theme will be, but focusing on the upcoming Solo film is a possibility.