Ten things learned in 10 hours of Zuckerberg testimony


"You've said everyone controls their data, but you're collecting data on people that are not even Facebook users who have never signed a consent, a privacy agreement", Lujan said.

How could Facebook let the Cambridge Analytica data breach happen?

However, a former Facebook employee who used to work in its ads department took to Twitter to falsify Zuckerberg's response.

"I think it's time to ask if Facebook has moved too fast and broken too many things", Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) stated at the beginning of this morning's hearing. Zuckerberg said he was getting to the bottom of what the UK-based firm did and will tell everyone who may have been affected.

The established ways of business, politics and Government can no longer deal with this adequately - as everything from the influence of fake social media in the United States presidential election to the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, to the epidemic of gang violence on London's streets shows.

"We're not going to share people's information except for with the people that they've asked for it to be shared".

The British Information Commissioner's Office executed a search warrant on Cambridge Analytica late last month and seized a large number of documents. "And then, about a month ago, we heard a new report that suggested that this was not true", he said. Responding to a question, he told lawmakers that he meant to initiate legal action against the firm accused of stealing personal data and using it for political purposes in the 2016 US Presidential elections.

"He's absolutely sorry about just having no idea from where his information that he is supposed to be responsible for is being used", added Craig Bhatt. To prevent this from ever happening again, Facebook is making sure developers can't access as much information, going forward, he said "The good news here is that we made some big changes to our platform in 2014 that would prevent this specific instance with Cambridge Analytica from happening again today". You don't know what other companies were sold the Kogan data, even though you were asked that yesterday.

Some of the lawmakers talked to Zuckerberg, 33, as they would their children or grandchildren, and were occasionally befuddled by the complexities of his company. For years, this is exactly how third party data brokers have done business with Facebook. Zuckerberg said Facebook has "a lot of competitors" including "the other tech platforms, Google, Apple, Microsoft".

Several Democratic senators called for regulation to protect users' privacy, and to require more disclosure for online political campaign ads. He came away with a stern warning from the senators that if Facebook and others don't fix the privacy issue, the USA government would intervene.

"I am optimistic that, over a 5-10 year period, we will have AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools that can get to some of the nuances - the linguistic nuances of different types of content..."

Facebook is a company built for profit and is answerable to its shareholders. Wylie has said he and Eunoia have deleted the data. And it's now a big enough thing that people now have to take this seriously.

Zuckerberg mostly held his composure, repeating numerous same well-rehearsed answers: He is sorry for the company's mistakes.

"Zuckerberg's testimony demonstrated that the company has matured over the last decade, in particular in his acknowledgement that Facebook is responsible for the content shared on its platform", said University of DE communications professor Dannagal Young.