Twitter down! Users face problem


Millions of users around the world were left without the services of Twitter for a few minutes on Tuesday evening.

Twitter was back on briefly but was down again at the time of writing. Apart from normal citizens, the micro-blogging site is famously used by Bollywood personalities, politicians, political parties, and other government portals.

"Something is technically wrong", said a message on the platform just after 10 a.m. EDT.

According to downdetector, Twitter is not working in the United States, parts of Europe including the United Kingdom and Japan.

It is not clear what happened as of now. The micro-blogging website registered an outage around 7pm IST, with an increasing number of complaints from users. But users from around the world were not able to access the social network.

The services are now offline for on all platforms including the desktop website, Android, iPad and iPhone apps.