U.S. district arms school teachers with baseball bats


Fish allegedly forced students at Montville High School to engage in "slap fights", in which male students were encouraged to slap each other across the face and head, according to the police report, which refers to four teen boys ages 14 to 16 as witnesses.

A former substitute teacher charged with starting a student "fight club" at a CT high school has said he encouraged the sparring because he wanted to "befriend" his students. Police learned of the freakish situation after four students came forward and revealed what was actually going on when Fish was a substitute.

In the arrest warrant, Fish told police he didn't set up the fights but he would watch them, and said: "I will admit that I did at one point egg them on".

"When the first few schools started going back I was really upset and didn't want them to give up", said Henry.

Some students recorded the fights on their cellphones.

Fish admitted to police that, starting in September, three or four scheduled fights were held.

The walkout ends with roughly the same amount of extra education spending secured before the nine-day action began: about $479 million for teacher and support staff salaries and school needs for the upcoming fiscal year.

Fish was sacked by superintendent Brian Levesque in October but it was not reported to police or school officials.

The Hartford Courant reported that police began their investigation in December.

A teacher is facing charges of reckless endangerment and risk of injury to a minor for what some are calling a "fight club" in his classroom.

"I think it's just a good faith attempt at getting information so that School Committee can make an informed decision and so we just try to be helpful in polling our members", Georges said.

He has denied facilitating the fights, according to the police report.

John Hardin senior Athena O'Neil said "there is a lot that is wrong with the USA educational system" and change starts with the teachers.

"These baseball bats could be used as a tool against an active shooter just like any other item in the immediate room", adding that they will remain locked in the classroom and "are only to be used in a hard lockdown situation", said Millcreek Township School District Superintendent William Hall In an online message.

April 3: Governor Mary Falling signs $2.9 billion appropriation bill for common education for the upcoming 2019 fiscal year (House Bill 3705).

"The OEA doesn't get to decide when I'm finished", said middle school choir teacher Renee Jerden, who said she was inspired by the walkout to run for state Senate.

"Honestly, I am so sorry". "Our legislators are not here right now, because they wanted to come back on Monday, but yet we showed up because we care so much about our kids we're not going to stop until somethings done".

Garrett Duerson is a student in the class and said what Fletcher is doing will help them buy new equipment. "I see the energy that teachers have and the desire to refocus that energy, so the focus will absolutely be on elections and getting true pro-education advocates into our government body".