UK Appeals Court Rules Against Parents of Toddler on Life Support


Alder Hey doctors say continuing to treat Alfie is "unkind" and "futile" but his parents want to take him to a hospital in Rome and say they have a private ambulance and jet on stand-by.

A United Kingdom judge denied an appeal from Alfie Evans' parents Monday to have him treated outside the country, saying their parental rights did not matter.

The parents of terminally ill Alfie Evans have lost a legal fight to move their son to a hospital in Italy.

Diamond said he will file an appeal with the Supreme Court by Tuesday afternoon, The Liverpool Echo reported.

Lord Justcie Davis, Lady Justice Kin and Lord Justice Moylan on Monday ruled against the parents at the hearing in London.

In further accusations, Alfie's mother was allegedly asked to leave Alfie's bedside after she questioned hospital visiting rules with supporters, known as Alfie's Army, tweeting on Friday: "Alfie's mummy's been told to leave Alfie's side and removed from the ward for asking the nurse is it acceptable for family members now being told they can not see Alfie".

"We fully understand what a sensitive and emotional time this is for everyone involved and I would also therefore like to pass on our appreciation for the way in which Alfie's family were later able to speak to the crowd and offer assurance and calm".

Roger Kiska, legal counsel at Christian Legal Centre, told CBN News last week the parents have the legal right to remove Alfie from Alder Hey Children's Hospital.

"We just wanted to take our son to give him the chance he deserves".

An end-of-life care plan for Alfie has been drawn up by specialists at Alder Hey after a High Court granted doctors the right to withdraw his life support.

Lord Justice Moylan said that it was wrong for Alfie's parents to say that their own views trumped the best interests of the child. Supreme Court justices and European Court of Human Rights judges refused to intervene.

"Our understanding of the law is that they do, that Alfie's not a ward of the state, that means he's not a prisoner of the hospital, and that the parental rights of Kate and Tom have not been extinguished", Kiska said. In February 2018, Alder Hey won a legal decision that continued life support was not in the child's best interests.

Mr Evans and Ms James have apologised to families and staff at the hospital following reports of intimidation by protesters.

Alder Hey said in a statement: "We would ask that noise levels outside the hospital are kept to a minimum and for example vehicle horns are not sounded".

"The bad reality was that nearly the entirety of Alfie's brain has been eroded, leaving only water and cerebral spinal fluid", Moylan said, reading from Hayden's previous decision, according to The Sun.

Up to one thousand protesters campaigned outside the Alder Hey complex last night, waving placards and chanting in support of the 23-month-old.