What to Know About the US-Led Missile Strikes on Syria


The strikes on Syria were launched at 9 p.m. ET Friday, the early hours of Saturday morning for Europe and the Middle East. The military said there were three targets: the Barzah chemical weapons research and development site in the Damascus area, a chemical weapons storage facility near Homs and a chemical weapons "bunker" a few miles from the second target.

Many of President Trump's biggest supporters in the media world are slamming his decision to bomb Syria on Friday, describing the move as a betrayal of his campaign promises to avoid entangling the United States in more foreign conflicts as president.

The strike has drawn global outcry since it was carried out before the worldwide chemical weapons watchdog could probe the incident.

The politicians' visit came as the Agence France-Presse news agency reported that inspectors from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) were set to start their fact-finding mission to determine whether the chemical weapons chlorine and sarin gas had been used against civilians in an April 7 attack in the town of Douma. Under Moscow's auspices, that future still includes Assad- who appeared in a video on Saturday apparently arriving to work with a briefcase.

Jasmine el-Gamal, the Pentagon's Syria country director during the Obama administration, told NPR's Weekend Edition on Sunday that the strikes were successful because they showed that President Trump was following through on his commitment. Syrians living in Vermont are also following the situation closely.

Wresting back the opposition stronghold on the doorstep of Damascus had been a priority for the resurgent regime. Bush addressed sailors aboard a ship in May 2003 alongside a "Mission Accomplished" banner, just weeks before it became apparent that Iraqis had organized an insurgency that tied down American forces for years.

"These are big things the president's been focused on", Sanders said.

According to American officials, the operation involved three U.S. destroyers, a French frigate and a United States submarine located in the Red Sea, the Gulf and the eastern Mediterranean. "Chemical weapons have been prohibited for decades and we must enforce this prohibition". "It should be taken as part of a strategy".

While insisting the action taken early Saturday morning in Syria was "a very strong attack on the chemical weapons program", Haley hit back on more hawkish critics who argue the United States didn't go far enough because it did not change the balance of power in the long-running Syrian civil war.

Haley later told CBS that sanctions would be announced, likely on Monday, against Russian companies supplying the Syrian regime.

Though Heitkamp said, "Assad must be held accountable for his egregious human rights violations and the gassing of his own people - a crime against global law and humanity as well as an act of unspeakable cowardice", she never directly says that she backs the strikes.

"A one-off will not deter [Syrian President] Assad from continuing his regionally destabilizing behaviour and slaughtering Syrian children with conventional weapons".

Assad, Putin, Rouhani and Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah have accused the West of using the strikes to sabotage an worldwide inquiry into the chemical weapons claims.

The two leaders "found that this illegal action seriously damaged the prospects of a political settlement in Syria", a Kremlin statement said.

Meanwhile, UN Security Council has failed to adopt Russia's draft resolution condemning the strikes on Syria. Haley stressed the USA was "not looking for war" and "not looking to kill people".

"The United Kingdom believes that it was both right and legal to take military action together with our closest allies to alleviate further humanitarian suffering", British Ambassador Karen Pierce told reporters ahead of the Security Council meeting.

The Syrian government and its ally Russian Federation denied the allegations.

When asked whether the UK had communicated with Russian Federation ahead of the strikes, May said: "This is not something that the United Kingdom has been involved in".