Yemeni Shiite rebels fired ballistic missiles in Saudi Arabia


Yemen's Houthi movement fired ballistic missiles at what it called "economic and vital targets" in the southern Saudi province of Jizan on Saturday, and Saudi authorities said a man was killed by debris from the projectiles.

The coalition struck the Najda camp near the Houthi defense ministry in northern Sanaa, as well as the government building in the Sabin neighborhood and a political intelligence office, the Sabk newspaper said.

The military coalition of Sunni allies led by Saudi Arabia has carried out an overnight strike on the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, killing at least 38 Houthi rebels, including two of their commanders, Saudi media said Saturday.

Saudi Arabia and an alliance of states intervened in Yemen's civil war to try and push back the Houthis after they drove the internationally-recognised government into exile in Riyadh. The Shiite rebels generally known as Houthis didn't instantly acknowledge the strike.

The Saudi state-run information company SPA says its air protection forces intercepted 4 of the missiles and no casualties or damages have occurred.

Saudi state media is reporting an airstrike by a kingdom-led coalition in Yemen's capital has killed two Shiite insurgent leaders and dozens of their militiamen. Turki Al Maliki accused the militias of risking the security of Saudi Arabia and the navigation.

The Saudi-led coalition imposed a total blockade on Yemen's ports in November in retaliation for cross-border Huthi missile attacks on Saudi Arabia.

Tehran blames Saudi Arabia for the devastating Yemen war, which has seen millions struggle to secure food.

The raid came hours ahead of a public funeral of the Houthis' political head Saleh al-Sammad, killed last week in a Saudi-led coalition strike. Which of the cars was the leader of the rebels-Houthis is unknown.