Amazon Web Services takes on Blockchain with Kaleido and Ethereum


Lubin said Consensys is now overseeing more than 50 blockchain projects, and has experienced an exponential spike in interest from multi-national corporations. "We give them a simple platform to build their company on blockchain".

The company aims to make the technology onboarding process smoother for enterprise consortium members while simplifying the operation of private blockchain networks.

Kaleido would enable its users to deal with those issues, Michael Dickson, the enterprise blockchain business development lead at ConsenSys, told CoinDesk. "What Salesforce did for CRM, Kaleido will do for blockchain". But Kaleido is a blockchain business cloud, and enterprise is in its DNA.

Enterprises can anchor their chain to mainnet and store the state on public blockchain. Anchoring can occur automatically at regular checkpoints to provide greater proof of confirmation over all transactions, as well as on demand for specific events such as a high-value trade. By doing this, any chance of counterparty disputes about membership is eliminated.

"Public and private blockchains have been evolving largely independently for the last couple years. We knew we needed to design a platform from the business problems down, since that is where the enduring problems are that companies face in the blockchain space".

Running your network on Kaleido means the whole group operates on the same stringent levels of security and robustness so there is no weak link. "And true to our mission, we are pushing the boundaries in this area and making it really easy for companies to tap into". The technology is touted as faster and more secure by advocates.

The AWS Partner Network (APN) is a global partner programme, focused on helping thousands of partners build successful businesses or solutions on AWS Cloud.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is joining forces with Kaleido, a new startup backed by Ethereum venture studio ConsenSys, in a partnership that will give Amazon customers their first shot at blockchain SaaS (software-as-a-service) solutions.

"They've been looking for partners to help get blockchain into their customers' hands". Kaleido is the first SaaS offering that features Ethereum packages- Geth and Quorum. The service offers the ability to switch between configurations of the underlying Ethereum protocol. He said it can also help connecting enterprises' private blockchains to the ethereum network.

The platform has already been used by Union Bank of the Philippines to reach rural communities in the country. Many people are still financially excluded and we're looking to change that.

Big companies like Microsoft are seeing opportunities in blockchain technology lately. Verizon is migrating over 1,000 business-critical applications and database backend systems to AWS, several of which also include the migration of proprietary production databases to Amazon Aurora, AWS's relational database engine. ConsenSys is dedicated to growing the Ethereum-based blockchain ecosystem through various domains including ConsenSys Solutions, ConsenSys Capital, ConsenSys Labs, and ConsenSys Academy.

More about ConsenSys ConsenSys is a global formation of technologists and entrepreneurs building the infrastructure, applications, and best practices to enable a decentralized world.