Ariana Grande will be performing a song with Nintendo Labo tonight


The latest Labo hit to go viral comes from the superstar teamup of Ariana Grande, Jimmy Fallon, and the legendary Roots crew.

Appearing in a special segment on The Tonight Show, the clan sported the instruments constructed via cardboard and a Nintendo Switch - using multiple different configurations to pull off the performance. Grande's band programmed the kit to create instruments out of cardboard.

We met with Nintendo and they showed us a bunch of cool cardboard things that you can make.

While Ariana was on vocals, Jimmy played the Guitar and Piano Studio.

Given the current projects available and some of the Toy-Con Garage projects, it'll be interesting to see what else Nintendo comes up with for their Nintendo Labo lineup.

'We made guitars by putting rubber bands over the Switch tablet so that it actually feels like you're strumming as your fingers touch the screen.

"It was totally weird and such a gamble", Jimmy told IGN.

Ariana Grande's "No Tears Left to Cry" already has one wildly inventive music video that reminds me of both Inception and Blade Runner and another that's good to watch maybe if you find yourself in a zero-gravity situation. Stro used two Joy-Cons for drum sounds, and finally Questlove used the Robot Kit to control the high-hat and kick drum, which makes for a totally unique musical experience that really drives home just how awesome Labo really is for these kinds of projects. "You can make robots, you can make all sorts of fun stuff", Fallon said.