Ashes Of Woman Who Died In Police Custody Thrown At LAPD Chief


Activists contend she died as a result of a confrontation with police. According to reports, Sheila Hines-Brim was protesting the death of Wakiesha Wilson, her niece who died while in police custody on Easter Sunday in 2016. But the issue will soon be resolved: Current LAPD Chief Charlie Beck will officially step down June 27. Other witnesses on the scene say the ashes-or something else-were simply placed near Beck.

Wilson's aunt, Sheila Hines-Brim and her mother, Lisa Hines, were in attendance at the meeting, sitting in the front row. "She's going to stay with you".

The commission meeting was adjourned, the room was cleared. A hazmat team was called in to investigate the substance. Although police didn't identify the powdery substance, it was found to be non-hazardous.

Hines-Brim was reportedly charged with battery on a police officer, and both women are expected to be charged with misdemeanors.

Detectives will present the Brim and Abdullah cases to the city attorney for the possible filing of misdemeanor charges. They were released Tuesday night, Brim on $20,000 bail and Abdullah on her own recognizance.

In later comments to NBC 4, Hines-Brim said, "I used her ashes". 'They covered it up'. "She just dropped a piece of paper to let him know that's how she feels about him".

Beck, who was seen by a medical personnel and did not require any treatment, said in a statement that the actions of the women were "disrespectful".

The women's behavior in a forum that was meant for productive public discussions "created chaos and fear for any Angelenos who wanted to voice their opinion about policing in our city", he added. A day earlier, Wilson was arrested for assaulting a patient at Los Angeles Hospital, according to The Washington Post.

The following morning, she was found unconscious in her jail cell. The L.A. County coroner's office said she died by suicide, hung from a piece of cloth tied to a phone cord. The city agreed late a year ago to pay Wilson's family almost $300,000 to settle a lawsuit they filed over her death.

Authorities said there was no evidence that officers used force against Wilson. The family also accused the LAPD of failing to notify them of her death. In December of 2017, the Los Angles Police Department were ordered to pay $298,000 to Wilson's family.