Assad meets with Putin in Russian Federation


Prime Minister Narendra Modi will travel to the Russian seaside resort of Sochi to meet President Vladimir Putin on Monday for what government sources called an "exchange of views" on various global issues including the United States sanctions on Russia and Iran, and India's commitment to its defence ties with Russia.

The two leaders discussed the ongoing clashes in Syria between pro-Assad forces and civilian rebels.

Russian Federation has been a key ally of Assad throughout the seven-year Syrian civil war.

Putin said Wednesday that the threat of "terrorist attacks" in Syria persists and that Russian warships equipped with Kalibr cruise missiles will remain stationed in the Mediterranean.

The Syrian government has been accused of war crimes including using chemical weapons against its own people.

"The Syrian president has made the decision to send his part of a delegation to form the Constitutional Committee that is to work on Syria's constitutional law".

"As regards economic cooperation, we'd like to point out a recent increase of Russian investment, the investments the Russian companies are making in various sectors of Syrian economy", Assad said. Moscow launched an air campaign on behalf of Assad's forces in 2015 that tipped the conflict in his favor.

Assad previously visited Russian Federation and met Mr Putin in November 2017 and October 2015.