AT&T and Verizon will carry the Red Hydrogen One smartphone


And you won't need glasses or an augmented reality headset to view images popping out of the Hydrogen One's display, which also feature a more conventional 3D mode. It purports to be the first holographic phone in the world.

AT&T confirmed as well that it will sell the RED Hydrogen One "later this summer". Unlike Verizon, AT&T is ready to let you try the phone yourself, as long as you're willing to go AT&T Shape at Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles, June 2-3. More information is available here. It calls the phone cutting-edge technology that can't be described. We also know the phone will be compatible with modules similar to how the Moto Z or Essential Phone operate. If the pre-order price is any indication, though, prepare for a sizable dent in your bank account.

Availability on AT&T and Verizon should be a huge win for RED, especially considering that the Hydrogen One sounds like a phone you'll need to see in person to really experience what it has to offer.

It's highly unusual for the top two wireless service providers in the United States to carry the rookie smartphone effort of a company like RED, whose expertise lies elsewhere. For the titanium model it would cost $1,595, and for the aluminum model, it would cost $1,295. "We have no control over that process and are at the mercy of the carriers when they can get through that process", they said in a forum post dated January 22nd. At the time, Red was looking to launch the phone by early 2018. "This means "official" ship date for carrier phones is going to likely be sometime in the summer".