Atlas the robot goes for a jog


Just introduced past year, SpotMini is a newer improvement over their previous robotic dog, Spot.

If you found yourself trembling with fear at the sight of Boston Dynamics' updated SpotMini dog-like robot when it bounded into view last November, then you're going to suffer a full-on meltdown when you see the latest version.

Toward that end, he also showed the conference a video of Atlas, a two-legged robot that has learned how to sort and pick up packages, jump up and off blocks, jog and perform back flips.

During an on-stage demo, Raibert wowed the audience with an IRL SpotMini, led by operations manager Seth Davis. Raibert thinks that wheeled platforms can only go so far and that legs are the answer to most human environments.

At a robotics conference in California, the company's founder Marc Raibert announced that the slightly creepy SpotMini was now in pre-production and scheduled for large-scale production and general availability from middle of 2019. It can move around for up to 90 minutes on a single charge. "There's a lot of factors that make this successful as a product, and we're working on all of those". While there's no word yet on price, the company has said that the SpotMini prototype was 10 times less expensive than its older sibling.

As highlighted in a recently published video, where the camera follows as SpotMini autonomously navigates a specified route through an office and lab facility. Boston Dynamics has also announced its plans to put its dog-like robots on sale next year, reported TechCrunch.

The most recent SpotMini design appears to incorporate sensors on the front and sides of its main body that help it understand its environment.

Boston Dynamics was bought from Google's parent company, Alphabet, by Japanese firm SoftBank in August previous year, but it looks as though developments are surging ahead.

Boston Dynamics has been developing a range of robots, each with their own skills.