Autopsy confirms St. Petersburg man died from vape pen explosion


His official cause of death was listed as "projectile wound of the head" and ruled accidental.

A fiery blast from a vape pen killed a man earlier this month, authorities said.

E-cigarettes are battery-operated devices that produce an aerosol by heating a liquid, usually containing nicotine, flavorings and other chemicals, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And in 2016, a vape pen user in NY suffered third-degree burns after the pen exploded in his trousers, NBC 4 NY reported.

An exploding vaping pen caused the world's first death by an e-cigarette explosion.

Tallmadge D'Elia, 38, died May 5 in a house fire with about 80 percent of his body burned.

Bill Pellan, director of Investigations at the Pinellas County Medical Examiner's Office, confirmed the report to WFTS.

"The two major causes of dramatic failures with the larger units are overcharging of the battery and then the shorting of the battery", said Thomas Kiklas, the chief financial officer of the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association. The autopsy noted that the e-cigarette was manufactured by Smok-E Mountain and was a "mod" type device. Wilder told ABC Action News that he, as well as many other local store owners, won't sell unregulated e-cigarettes.

There have been a few incidents of injuries stemming from vape pen explosions.

Experts say that people who use vape pens should be careful about how they maintain the batteries.

The report blames the incidents on lithium-ion batteries in the products.

"Any other e-cig that has a computer chip in it prevents that from happening", Wilder added.

In 2016, a vaping device blew up in a man's face in NY - knocking out his teeth, ripping a hole in his tongue and leaving his hands covered in burns.