Backstreet Boys' first new single in 5 years


And no doubt a lot of them found themselves saying that line again this Thursday, after the Backstreet Boys released a new single, "Don't Go Breaking My Heart".

The group celebrated their 25th-anniversary last month.

The video was directed by their collaborators Rich + Tone and was produced by Jamie Hartman and Stuart Crichton.

It remains unclear whether the single will be part of a forthcoming album.

And AJ McLean says about the band's future: "We've been working our ass off for 25 years, and with the support of RCA and our contemporaries, we know we'll be performing for fans, both old and new, for a really long time".

Howie continued: 'I'm very proud that the record is a little bit of everything - we've got our signature pop melodies and harmonies, and also dabbled into dance, country and R&B while staying true to ourselves'. Watch the "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" clip below.

If it feels like it's been a while since you've heard new music from the Backstreet Boys, it's because it has.

The Backstreet Boys' last big chart success came a year ago with "God, Your Mama and Me", their hit collaboration with country duo Florida Georgia Line.