Battlefield V Will Not Include a Premium Pass


They cover multiple game modes, take place over multiple maps, and they're all wrapped up in a four-day narrative journey that covers historical moments from World War II.

The new game, which will be released on October 19, has been built around three different modes - the game's signature multiplayer, co-op mode Combined Arms and the single-player War Stories campaign.

Battlefield V will support 4K resolution, HDR10, and variable refresh rate when played on the Xbox One X console and will still be completely compatible with the regular Xbox One and Xbox One S like all Xbox One-branded titles.

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Dice has confirmed it will reveal more information about the game - including a first look at Grand Operations - during the EA Play event ahead of gaming convention E3 at the beginning of June.

Rather than waiting until E3 in a few weeks time, EA chose to hold its own separate Battlefield 5 reveal event last night. EA/Origin Access subscribers and those who pre-order the game will have access to the free trial from October 11. One of these stories will focus on a young Norwegian female resistance fighter, though DICE also teased in the press release a story set in the "desert heat of North Africa - and more". According to senior producer Andreas Morrel, DICE, like many developers, is also a fan of the genre, but it's not quite ready to bring it to Battlefield.

This last-player-standing concept appears to be Battlefield's take on the popular battle royale trend now running through gaming.

All of these multiplayer modes and features come together in Tides of War, EA and DICE's "new approach to live services".

DICE and Electronic Arts officially announced Battlefield V, immersing players in unexpected battles and untold stories of World War 2 as never seen before. A 30-minute reveal event that lightly touches on some of the new game modes, doesn't get into specific gameplay features and only shows one brief trailer does little to get me excited.