Bethesda Teasing Possible RAGE 2 Announcement for May 14th


The latest image posted from Bethesda simply features a busy street viewed from an aerial perspective, colored with the same pink we have seen on the other two images. Now considering Bethesda was a bit too touchy on the leaks, it could be a possibility that, RAGE 2 announcement was on the cards all along. Noticeably absent from the tweet was a denial of the sequel's existence.

Even if ignore that, Bethesda is home to many big studios whose games players always look forward to. After an initial teaser yesterday showing the Big Ben Tower in London, the second shows a rocket ship covered in pink with "5-14" etched on the side - which matches with the clock face from yesterday's image that had a time of "5:14". The only real pink color we saw from the company recently was in the image it used to respond to Walmart Canada's hilarious slate of placeholder listings it put up recently, as Bethesda scribbled all over its Rage 2 "leak" with pink writing and doodled. What will be announced remains a mystery, though.

The gaming community is now convinced that a RAGE 2 reveal is happening tomorrow, and quite frankly, we'll be a little surprised if that's not the case.

For now, all anyone can do is guess and wait for the next bread crumb to drop.

Bethesda are energetically teasing something on Twitter.

Possibly more than just poking fun at the retailer on social media, Bethesda has continued to tease its audience by posting a couple more tweets which point to the publisher potentially revealing something on May 14th (next Monday).