BMW's Teases Next Move In The EV Segment, The iNEXT Concept


BMW's electric crossover - dubbed the "iNext" - will be shown off later this year.

The iNEXT isn't going to hit the road until 2021 - and will be built in Germany - but BMW are planning a proper iNEXT Concept later this year, and the design sketch tease is meant to point us in the right direction.

At the recent BMW Annual General Meeting, the German automaker revealed a new concept vehicle called the iNEXT.

Accompanying chairman Harald Krüger confirmed that any autonomous BMW would still exhibit the values and level of entertainment afforded by today's BMWs. For the first time, we are combining all key technologies for future mobility in one vehicle.

Set to be the same size as the firm's current X5, the iNEXT will sit on BMW's next-generation common platform that will also underpin conventional petrol and diesel cars, plus plug-in hybrids.

BMW previewed the iNext, its first fully self-driving vehicle, at its annual general meeting.

And it's now provided the first official glimpse - limited though it may be - at how it will shape up. The iNEXT will benefit the entire company and all its brands. That follows an announcement past year that the company would launch cars able to drive themselves on the highway by 2021.

The iNext has been developed alongside the i4 liftback EV, which was shown in pre-production form at the 2017 Frankfurt motor show under the name i Vision Dynamics concept.

Through April, BMW's global brand sales grew 2.5 per cent, while Mercedes' registrations surged 13 per cent.

The iNext, he said, would be fully electric, powered by fifth-generation battery technology giving it a range of about 700 kilometres, fully connected and would also offer a new level of automated driving.