Bodies Found In Mass Tragedy In Southwest


Police say seven folks have been discovered lifeless with gunshot wounds at a property close to the city of Margaret River in Australia's southwest.

About 7600 people live in Margaret River itself while ABS data shows Osmington has about 135 residents.

Police found the bodies of four children and three adults.

"The bodies of two adults were located outside, five bodies were located inside a building on the rural property".

Homicide detectives from the major crime squad are travelling to Margaret River from Perth.

'They will be supported by other specialist police units.

A police chaplain is at the scene to support assisting officers.

'As I'm sure you'd appreciate it, it's not appropriate for me to speculate on any further matters.

He also said that police have no information to raise concern about a wider public safety issue surrounding the incident, which he described as a "devastating tragedy".

Osmington Road is closed as police continue their investigation. "I will take questions but, as I've said, there's little more that I can add at this point in time", he said. They would not confirm reports of a murder-suicide.

He said two firearms were found at the scene and confirmed that at least some of the victims suffered gunshot wounds.

Police were called to a residence in Osmington, about 20km north-east of Margaret River, about 5.15am Friday.

"It's sending shockwaves through the whole community - we're all linked in one way or another, every family", she told Fairfax.

Mr Dawson added: 'Based on what we do know, this is clearly a tragedy...

Police are expected to remain at the residence for an extended period of time - Commissioner Dawson said investigators will be at the scene "for days".

"It is early in this investigation".