Carrie Underwood Explains How She Still Looks Flawless After 40 Stitches


Nevertheless, her injuries of a broken wrist and 40-50 stitches around her mouth won't stop her from carrying into the singer's next phase of her career.

Underwood also spoke to Hoda Kotb about her new single, "Cry Pretty".

Carrie fell on some steps outside her Nashville house in November 2017 while taking her two dogs outside. "So it could have happened to anybody. I say if I'd fallen anywhere else, it wouldn't have been a problem, but here was just one little step that I went to catch myself on and I missed".

Carrie Underwood is opening up about her accident.

Hoda then told Carrie that she looked "the same".

He told the 35-year-old: 'You just knocked it out of the park'. "I have a dedicated team of professionals who can spackle and paint and paste!"

"I had to hold tears back because she is somebody that I've been looking up to since I was very, very young and, oh, my gosh, I'm going to meet her and get to talk to her". However, when Carrie finally started posting photos of herself to social media in April, nobody noticed anything much different.

"I believed I simply busted my lip", she later advised Storme Warren on SiriusXM's The Freeway.

That very same month, the six-time Grammy victor gave particulars of the accident for the primary time, explaining that the autumn occurred when she went to take her canine out for a fast stroll at evening. "His family was here tonight, so I just thought it was a really cool song to do". "Stitches and all that stuff". Priorities! In order that's why my left hand's fantastic. Carrie laughed. "Every day I feel a little more back to normal". She made her official comeback at the ACM Awards on April 15, where she gave the first public performance of her emotional new track, "Cry Pretty", and received a standing ovation.

"I know people can still see you, and they probably have seen me at a stoplight or something and been, like, 'What is this insane lady doing over there?'" she joked of her emotional moments.