CDC 'Ticks' Off Twitter With Photo Of Poppyseed Muffin With Ticks


As you can see, the agency's official account tweeted a picture of a poppy-seed muffin - solid American breakfast fixture - crawling with camouflaged bloodsucking ticks.

Twitter users called the tweet gross and disgusting.

Now, the most contentious matter doing the rounds on the social media platform revolves around a humble poppy seed muffin. The tweet also included a link to their website to learn about preventing tick bites. The ticks carry bacteria that can cause Lyme and Anaplasmosis diseases.

"Ticks can be the size of a poppy seed", the CDC wrote.

Local experts say with the sudden change in temperatures that you may already be at risk of exposure to ticks.

It was meant to raise awareness about how small ticks are.

The CDC posted a tongue in cheek apology a few days later saying "Sorry we ticked some of you off".

While the CDC's original tweet seemed to "tick off" many people on the internet - and even ruined poppy seed muffins forever for some of them - it did succeed in getting a lot of attention.