Co-pilot 'sucked halfway' out of plane after explosive decompression at 32000ft


Sichuan Airlines Airbus's co-pilot was sucked halfway after a cockpit windshield blew out forcing an emergency landing.

The co-pilot, who was pulled back into the cockpit and buckled into his chair, suffered a cut to his face and a sprained wrist, and a flight attendant received minor injures, the Civil Aviation Administration of China's Southwest Regional Administration said.

Passengers were unhurt, but the cockpit's temperature dropped to -40C and a co-pilot was partially sucked out of the plane, the captain said. "When I looked over, the co-pilot's body's was hanging halfway out of the window".

While authorities continue to investigate the accident, Sichuan Airlines noted that the flight had experienced a "mechanical failure".

The flight, Sichuan Airlines 3U8633, left the central Chinese municipality of Chongqing on Monday morning and was bound for the Tibetan capital of Lhasa.

"Suddenly, the windshield just cracked and made a loud bang", he reportedly said.

A policeman stands guard in front of a China Southern Airlines plane as the plane of US first lady Michelle Obama departs from Chengdu airport, Sichuan province, March 26, 2014.

Pictures published by government-run Chengdu Economic Daily showed the plane missing one of its cockpit windows and damage to its cockpit controls.

He recalled grabbing one of the oxygen masks that fell from overhead as a flight attendant began telling passengers to trust in the flight team. Chuanjian carried out a successful emergency landing in Chengdu, a city in southwest China.

Mr Liu had to land the Airbus A319 immediately, a task made more hard because the instruments malfunctioned and it was too loud to use the radio.

Zhao, who was sitting in the middle of the aircraft, felt a draft of cold air and saw the cockpit door fly open several minutes later. He explained that the plane was shaking and that he could not hear well.

Reports said the aircraft was an Airbus A319 and was cruising at 32,000 feet.

Zeng Jun, one of the passengers, told Chengdu Business Daily: "The plane suddenly descended after flying about an hour in the air". This incident is very odd and only further investigation will lead to a resolution, Zhang added.