Combining Exercise And Gum Chewing May Help You Lose Extra Calories


In all, 46 people aged 21 to 69 participated in the study.

After calculating the data, the researchers discovered that the average heart rate for both genders significantly increased while walking and chewing gum.

There's an old insult: That guy's so dumb he can't walk and chew gum at the same time.

A study from Waseda University in Tokyo found that chewing gum while exercising actually helped increase the amount of energy people used and their heart rates.

In particular, the combination could be helpful in countries such as Japan, where walking is the "most widely performed movement". The study concludes by saying that chewing gum while walking might, therefore, be a super easy and accessible way of keeping an ageing population healthy.

A study says there are health benefits to walking and chewing gum. The other group was given the same substance that chewing gum has, but in a swallow-able form, and walked on a treadmill for 15 minutes as well. The authors wanted to write a first of its kind study to show the connection between chewing gum and walking and gather the results.

In one they chewed two pellets of gum that contained three kilocalories.

Then, the researchers measured the heart rate as the participants rested and as they started walking. They also measured the distance volunteers covered at a natural pace, the walking speed and how many steps they took. But men who were 40 and older burned additional calories while walking and chewing gum while women did not have a significantly different response when it came to calories. "When you're chewing gum, there's more muscle usage", Diaz said.

The phenomenon, also known as "cardiac-locomotor coupling", happens when the heart beats in rhythm with movement.

"Effective preventive methods and treatments for obesity are needed", the researchers said.