Cyclists ride in silence to remember


"The gist of it is that there are dual responsibilities for motorists and cyclists alike who are on the road - cyclists have responsibilities, motorists have responsibilities, we just have to learn to cohabitate on public roadways".

The Ride of Silence honors people who were injured or killed while riding their bicycles. They rode for eight miles in silence. A 2016 report by the N.C. DOT found 17 cyclists were killed statewide.

Capistrant told the participants that it's rougher than ever for bicyclists to be on the road these days because drivers are so distracted.

"You know, we are on the road, and we are wanting to share the road with everybody", she said.

"He was in the bike lane, he had his helmet on, the lights were on", said Chris "Cheetah" Williams, who also works as a bicycle courier. "And we need our judges to have a clearer understanding of what the law really says so we can see more appropriate sentencing", said Catherine Gervis, Executive Director of Yay Bikes. It's an accident that changed the rest of her life, and one she still feels pain from.

"My skull actually cracked like an egg", she said. "I got caught between a pickup and a horse trailer. I was pulled for several hundred yards".

The Ride of Silence is a free ride that asks cyclists to remain silent during the ride.

How to make that happen, Rodriguez said, is to recognize "sobering facts" about the realities of vehicular traffic.