Deadpool Crashes Stephen Colbert's Monologue to Trash Talk Ryan Reynolds and Trump


"I bet it will be Deadpool 2".

Why we care: The entire schtick of Deadpool is his nearly painfully in-your-face irreverence, mostly through annihilating the fourth wall. Just as he did with Atomic Blonde, Leitch shoots Deadpool 2 with kinetic whimsy, choreographing symphonies of R-rated gore with such obvious glee that the feeling is contagious.

Reynolds has been on a marketing spree for Deadpool 2 - the marketing was considered to be a major ingredient for the first film's success. Deadpool 2 begins with a huge dig on Logan with a bit of foreshadowing and later followed by a truly amusing credits sequence. And then, when I got the movie, I read the comics and actually I loved the comics. That, in fact, stifles creativity and therefore today we have so many movies with great ideas but underwhelming realisation.

Reynolds had previously said that Deadpool had come to fruition because a leaked footage of the movie reached the public and the fans' overwhelming reaction helped Fox finalise their decision of making a movie on the motormouth character. A grieving Wade Wilson strives to become surrogate father to a combustible young mutant (Julian Dennison), pursued by a time-travelling killer cyborg named Cable (Josh Brolin).

"I don't even know what we'd do for Deadpool 3!" he chuckled, before joking, "The whole thing might just be me getting an appendix operation or something!" Where the first film leaned heavily into its hero's propensity for dick jokes and self-awareness to get its laughs, here they are supplemented by a gratuitous line in bone-crunching physical comedy. But at the end of the day it's got to be an engrossing story and that's the thing that we were most focused on from the get-go.

"Mostly because I'm against child abuse", he joked of why he wouldn't put daughters Inez, 19 months, and James, 3, into the entertainment industry.

Deadpool 2 is a sequel that knows exactly what its audience wants to see.

When a personal tragedy leaves our anti-hero mutant mercenary Wade Wilson/Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) at a loss for goal and meaning in his life.

Directed by David Leitch or, as Deadpool calls him, "One of the Two Guys Who Killed John Wick's Dog", the movie ups the ante when it comes to action and gore. So Deadpool 2 is really, at its core, about how one act of kindness can change the world. Reynolds carries the movie on his back-although this time around he should have shared the load a little more evenly with some of his talented co-stars. Josh Brolin is alright as the anti-hero, who we could have connected better if we hadn't seen him as a more nuanced villain in Infinity War.