Detained Journalist For Russian State Agency Transferred To Ukrainian Region Near Crimea


Kiev has banned multiple Russian television news channels since 2014, accusing them of disseminating propaganda, and it has deported several journalists, according to CPJ research.

The transfer of Kyrylo Vyshynsky, the Head of the RIA News-Ukraine from Kyiv to Kherson for choosing of the restrictive measure has begun as his advocate reported.

Ukrainian safety company SBU stated in a press release that it's investigating "a community of media retailers" managed by the Russian authorities that are "used as instruments in a hybrid warfare towards Ukraine".

Zakharova accused Ukrainian authorities of a "repressive" policy against the media and expressed Russia's "indignation at the brutal violations of the freedom of the press in Ukraine". A passport of a Russian citizen was found during the search of his office.

Up to 15 journalists work for RIA Novosti in Ukraine, some of whom transmit information to its headquarters in Moscow while others, led by Vyshynsky, are in charge of the website for the Ukrainian audience.

They also said Vyshynsky later collaborated with separatist groups in eastern Ukraine, where a conflict that broke out following Crimea's seizure has cost some 10,000 lives. The SBU said he received ample funding to carry out his work in the region. "That was the reason for the searches". Lutsenko added that the Ukrainian investigation into those activities "has evidence of carrying out well-paid anti-Ukrainian attacks" by RIA Novosti-Ukraine.

Russian Federation angrily protested Tuesday's raid and Vyshinski's detention, with the Kremlin calling the actions "unacceptable" and accusing the Ukrainian government of repeatedly putting "pressure on freedom of speech".

"We will act aggressively and protect the interests of Russian media to the fullest extent".