Eggs sold at several grocery stores, including Publix subject of recall


Almost two hundred and seven eggs have been recalled from the market due to the Salmonella outbreak.

The CDC says tainted eggs have added a dozen new cases to a monthlong nationwide salmonella outbreak. Fortunately, no deaths have been reported yet.

PREVIOUS STORY: An Indiana-based farm is voluntarily recalling 206,749,248 eggs over fears of a potential Salmonella Braenderup contamination, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Brands affected include Country Daybreak, Coburn Farms, Sunshine Farms, Great Value and Glenview.

People who might have purchased the eggs are asked not to consume them and return them to the store for a refund.

The chief operating officer of the Rose Acre Farms in a statement to the Indianapolis Star has apologized for falling short of the FDA standards.

The eggs have reached consumers in the following states: Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia through retail stores and restaurants.

So far at least 35 people in several states have reported becoming ill.

An investigation of Rose Acre's facility in Pantego uncovered more than dozen rodents and unsanitary work practices, FDA said.

This resulted in a lengthy legal battle with the federal government that dragged on for nearly two decades before the company took corrective measures and the case was dropped. That's good, because this is the second time that Rose Acre has been tied to a huge salmonella outbreak. The Iowa farms marketed the eggs.

Rose Acre Farms sued, and a few years later a federal judge ruled that the government had overstepped its boundaries and had to compensate the company for income lost as a result of regulations.

The recall came about after the illnesses were reported in states along the East Coast, and the FDA inspected the farm in eastern North Carolina's Hyde County that produces about 2 million eggs per day. The 2010 outbreak led to the recall of more than five hundred million of the eggs.