Facebook goes after apps that access its users' data, suspends 200


These points included Cambridge Analytica, dark ads, Facebook Connect, the amount spent by Russian Federation on United Kingdom ads on the platform, data collection across the web, budgets for investigations, and that shows general discrepancies between Schroepfer and Zuckerberg's respective testimonies, he said. The committee claimed that Facebook's Chief Technology Officer, Mike Schroepfer, had failed to address the committees concerns about certain issues, resulting in the committee posing further questions to Facebook. "Given that these were follow up questions to questions Mr Schroepfer previously failed to answer, we expected both detail and ata, and in a number of cases got excuses".

Researchers from the University of Cambridge distributed the data gathered by the Facebook personality app myPersonality to hundreds of other researchers through a website without enough security provisions. It added that it had taken action against 370,000 apps in 2017.

"Twitter has also made the policy decision to off-board advertising from all accounts owned and operated by Cambridge Analytica". Were these 200 apps chosen simply because they requested or acquired user data, or because Facebook already has evidence or suspicion that they held onto and sold the data?

While Archibong admits that "there is a lot more work to be done" to find all potential violators of Facebook's policies, "we are investing heavily to make sure this investigation is as thorough and timely as possible". "Unlike the brand safety issue, none of our advertisers have paused their advertising" because of Cambridge Analytica.

On Reddit, readers are condemning IBM for sending more than 100 executives to Capitol Hill this week in an effort to prevent USA policy makers from copying GDPR, Europe's new privacy standards, which give citizens the right to access their personal data and learn how it's being used, prevents companies from processing personal data unless users give explicit consent, and requires them to adopt privacy by design principles, among other restrictions.

Want to improve your privacy on Facebook? Between 9 and 16 April, the Facebook Like button appeared on 8.4 million websites, the Share button on 931,000 websites, and there were 2.2 million Facebook Pixels installed, the biz said.

MPs have again criticised Facebook for submitting "insufficient" evidence to a parliamentary inquiry about how it handles data.

You can imagine what the biz will be saying about the MPs' response to today's 40-page reply.