Government warns of overwintering fires potential


According to research from the New Jersey Forest Fire Service, 99 percent of 1,400 wildfires that are seen in the state each years are caused by humans.

"Even in today's age with cellphones and technology, we are able to spot fires using the fire tower network", Gill says.

"This is a precaution, we did it last year, we've done it a couple times in years past".

M-82 was shut down, but it has since re-opened.

"It's primarily state land, but it is up against private land on the left flank on the west side of the fire, so there are homes, farms and structures up there" that face potential threats, Munstenteiger said.

As of this morning, fire crews say the fire is 100 percent contained, but still no word on what sparked it. The DNR had just gotten a major fire at a trailer court near Warroad under control Sunday when word came in about the fire northwest of Greenbush, he said.

Cities in Chippewa County were also effected by the ban.

Warm, dry and breezy conditions have created high fire danger in Wisconsin.

It is standard practice for the BC Wildfire Service to monitor these previous wildfire areas to ensure that any flare-ups from overwintering fires are located and suppressed, if necessary.