Han Solo Movie Sequel has 'So Many Possibilities'


That's an opinion shared pretty much throughout the galaxy.

Howard is a fine film-maker, whose directorial career has been strong enough to stop us thinking of him primarily as wholesome Richie Cunningham from the TV sitcom Happy Days, but in truth this movie could do with a Fonz, someone to bestride and own it.

She added: 'Of course, there are still so many stories to tell about Han and Chewbacca but Lando will be next'.

Speaking in Cannes where she was promoting the latest episode in the Star Wars franchise, Clarke said: "It's really hard because this is a problem that has been around forever so changing it overnight is impossible".

Enter Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover), owner of the Millennium Falcon.

The new characters introduced here are inconsistent, from the trope-riddled crew of crooks Han falls in with to the gangster he runs afoul of and the love interest he pines after. The role is not dissimilar from those Harrelson previously played in the Hunger Games franchise or Zombieland.

There follows a genuinely thrilling train heist, which goes awry, earning the gang the worrying disapproval of Beckett's villainous paymaster, Dryden Vos (Paul Bettany, excellent as ever). He's got a girlfriend, Qi'ra (Emilia Clarke); he dreams of being a pilot. The movie flirts with the idea of her being a darker character ("a survivor") but it never fully commits to that arc, making for a frustrating and disappointing resolution to her and Han's storyline. "Missing here are the sort of plot-related or visual curveballs thrown by Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi or Gareth Edwards with Rogue One". Her bond with Lando in particular is both hilarious and daring and will surely provoke many conversations.

Official reviews have landed for the latest Star Wars film, and if you're a fan of the series, it might be time to worry.

She told Radio Times last month: "There have been others with one line and Lupita Nyong'o was a computer-generated character [Maz Kanata, in "The Force Awakens" and "The Last Jedi"], but you didn't get to see the colour of her skin".

As the story progresses and alliances shift, I started to think, "OK, we are going to get a deeper look into character development as Alden Ehrenreich plays Han!" He captures the wry wit and gunslinger swagger, mirroring enough of Ford's mannerisms to be familiar yet he also manages to not simply be a mere mimic by lending the character a dopey sweetness and vulnerability not always evident in Ford's version.

Solo takes a solid 30 minutes or so to find its footing, but once it does - right around the time Donald Glover's Lando Calrissian comes into play - this adventure makes the jump to lightspeed and doesn't slow down.

However, I will also say that I was surprised when a figure from one of the earlier trilogies showed up, and I argued fiercely with an editor (a bigger nerd than I am, by the way) who said such a thing just wasn't possible.

This approach works for Marvel because it apes the nature of comic books, which constantly feature crossovers and elaborate word-building, but Star Wars has a different duty, and confusing things too much only serves to ostracize those who haven't understood every detail of this world.

That Solo, the second of these "Star Wars Stories", isn't a face-plant is a miracle unto itself, but that doesn't mean it escapes the trappings of its premise. "Star Wars" spawned sequel after sequel after sequel, and then started spinning off stand-alone pictures. If I say any more, the spoiler police will come after me.