Hollywood Actress Margot Kidder Dies At 69


Kidder also had a small part in "The Great Waldo Pepper" with Robert Redford in 1975, and a leading role in "The Amityville Horror" alongside James Brolin in 1979.

Yesterday, Superman star and former Lois Lane Margot Kidder passed away at the age of 69.

But playing scrappy reporter and Superman's love interest Lois Lane was her breakout role.

In 2016, Kidder told entertainment website Hey U Guys that her chemistry with Reeve was authentic "because we came from similar backgrounds and he looked like one of my brothers".

The icon had been ill; when she called into Detroit's The Drew and Mike Show on May 9, she said she had been 'in bed with the flu'.

She struggled with bipolar disorder for many years, after being diagnosed with the condition after a manic episode in 1996, in which she was found in a disorientated state, having apparently been living outdoors and sheltering in bushes in Los Angeles for several days. The actress also made an appearance on The CW's Superman prequel series Smallville, taking on the role of Bridgette Crosby, the assistant of Virgil Swann, played by Christopher Reeve.

Kidder became a USA citizen in 2005 and lived in Montana until her death. In addition to promoting mental health issues, she spoke publicly as an anti-war and environmental activist. She was arrested at the White House in 2011 during a protest against the construction of an oil pipeline from Alberta to Texas.

Kidder, who was born in Canada, started her career in her 20s.

She is survived by her daughter. She also was married to French director Philippe de Broca from 1983 to 1984. Kidder has two grandchildren. DC Comics paid tribute by posting on their Twitter account; they wrote, "Thank you for being the Lois Lane so many of us grew up with".

Actor Mark Hamill said Kidder's legacy would "live forever". Off-screen she was one of the kindest, sweetest, most caring woman I've ever known. I'll miss you #MargoKidder.