How to Enable Gmail's Smart Compose Feature Right Now


Next, I typed "Are you guys free next...." and Smart Compose suggested the word "weekend".

Click the box to Enable experimental access. The new Gmail interface brings forward a gang of new options. Let's dive right in and see the top five features of the new Gmail.

Google says the legacy Gmail Offline app for Chrome will be discontinued in "late 2018", so if you're still using it, you'd better switch to the integrated mode before you're left in the lurch. They could use a third-party client like Thunderbird for that to gain offline access, or use a browser extension for the Chrome web browser which added offline capabilities to Google's mail service. Reply?" and "Sent 5 days ago. This feature can be helpful for businesses that often expect more control over how their emails are distributed and accessed. Google is rolling out the confidential mode option in a stage-wise manner. So, don't worry if you haven't received it yet. This feature is expected to make email composition a lot easier and faster for the Gmail users.

Although, Google has now explicitly named this feature this isn't something entirely new to the platform.

Google has launched the lightweight Gmail Go app for Android 8.1 devices (via FoneArena). For example, you can sync messages from 20 days prior. As I was responding to that, Gmail smartly recommended a few phrases like "I am not interested", "No, I didn't get it" and "Yes, I am interested". Google now officially made it possible to read, compose, and reply to your messages without an internet connection. This functionality is rolling out to all Gmail users now, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.

Smart Compose is an AI tool that promises to automatically finish your sentences for you, using what it has learned about how people typically write. What I also find interesting about the new update is high-priority notifications. Following that every time a user tries to open the locked email, Google will ask for a passcode by sending the same to the recipient's phone number. But it may also seem confusing at first, especially those who are accustomed with the older Gmail a little too much.

Google can now instantly warn users if it suspects an email is from a fraudulent source. Share your views with us and keep reading Fossbytes. So, if you find this update hard to digest just yet, play around with customisations and see what suits you the best.

Once you start typing, suggestions will appear and if you want them, just hit "tab" on your keyboard.