Italy Legend Buffon Announces Juventus Departure


Italy great Gianluigi Buffon's sister on Wednesday urged the Juventus goalkeeping star not to call time on his illustrious career.

With AP Photos.Juventus captain Gianluigi Buffon says he is leaving the Italian club and considering playing elsewhere.

"I'm convinced that Juventus needs to plan for the future and, as someone who has spent many years as a player and several as club captain, I am the first to understand that". "These feelings are thanks to an unbelievable path I've been lucky enough to share with many people who really liked me, and I felt this day after day, and for this I fought and tried to do my best".

Buffon intends to bow out on a high after 17 hugely successful years in Turin and says he had planned to retire until only a couple of weeks ago, at which point he received some "exciting" offers.

With Buffon possibly hanging up his boots after his final Juventus game, click through the gallery above to see some other top players who retired from the lovely game over the past two years.

"My fear was to end my spell at Juventus as a "finished" player".

"I was a volleyball player, I played in Serie A and in the national team, and I quit quite young, at 27, because I had nothing left to give, I felt deflated and felt the need to start a family". I'm truly proud that up to the age of 40, up to Saturday, I've been able to perform to the level of my name & of Juventus. In 2001, they signed an extraordinary talent.

"I think after Saturday, when I have some serenity, I will take my final decision, which will be to follow what comes from within me".

"Up to two week ago, it was certain that I was going to quit playing, but now there are some offers that have arrived to continue playing, or offers from off the field - and Andrea has made me the best offer if I choose to stop playing". Buffon is widely regarded as one of the best goalkeepers of all time. Are we the most consistent, pig-headed and determined Juve side?

'Because it is important for athletes like you and me, who have always played at the top, to be doing our best, struggling to be the best, to stay at the top. "A return to Parma is a romantic childhood dream, but nothing more than that, no".