Kane Becomes the Republican Candidate for Mayor of Knox County


Jacobs earned a total of 14,633 votes, just 17 more than second place finisher Brad Anders.

While the gap is reported at 17 votes between Jacobs and his closest rival, officials in Knox County have said that Jacobs will not be "officially" reported as the victor until ballots are rechecked next week.

The heart of the matter.

. It is unlikely that the race will be called Tuesday night.

Out of the over 40,500 votes cast, Jacobs had 14,633 and Anderson had 14,616. "And I plan to really work hard and gain the trust of the people of Knox County", Haney said.

The former WWE superstar known as Kane wrestled away the Republican primary for Knox County mayor in a close race in Tennessee. He's hoping not to meet the same fate as Terrance Gerin (aka Rhyno), who won the Republican primary for a seat in Michigan's state legislature but lost the general election. The general election will be held on November 6 and the new mayor will be decided on that vote.

As for his other job, Jacobs as wrestled in the WWE since 1995 where he has won 23 championships, which includes three world championship reigns and a whopping 12 tag team championships. You can tell that politics is something that Jacobs is very passionate about, and it's good to see that he's one step closer to becoming the mayor.