Kim Kardashian SLAMMED Online Over Latest Promotion


Kim Kardashian deleted a sultry Instagram post Wednesday of her promoting an appetite-suppressant lollipop.

The post, which showed her sucking on the lollipop and describing it as "literally unreal" was an advert for a company that produces detox teas and meal replacement protein shakes. Followers also criticised Spelling, who responded to one user questioning whether the actor used the products she promoted.

No. Fuck off. No. Jamil harshly exclaims how Kardashian is a "toxic and bad influence on young girls". She urged fans to take advantage of an offer, adding: "If you want to get your hands on some. you need to do it quick!" Earlier this year, she drew attention to an Instagram post shared by a lifestyle magazine that shared the exact weight of each member of the Kardashian clan.

Others took the reality star to task on social media. "You are so much better than this", one wrote. "Let's teach the younger generation that's watching Kim that instead of trying to find shortcuts you need to eat right, hit the gym, and actually take care of your body". Kim's sister Khloe was slammed in March after writing a post on her app titled "5 Hacks to Look Thin AF in Pics". "Disgusting. You should be ashamed". Jamil further suggested eating enough to "fuel your brain and work hard and be successful". "Plus, there is a higher chance of long term negative body image, unhealthy weight control behaviors and overall body dissatisfaction in those who have a form of disordered eating". She praised Kris Jenner's "branding capabilities" but concluded that "this family makes me feel actual despair over what women are reduced to".

"Kim Kardashian promoting appetite suppressants - Does she have absolutely no shame?" She runs a seperate Instagram account to her own personal one that promotes body positivity called @i_weigh which we encourage you to check out. And to play with your kids.

- Dr. Liam Hackett (@DiageoLiam) May 16, 2018This is why I am disgusted at @KimKardashian agreeing to run an advertisement to her impressionable fan base. "This is incredibly damaging and unsafe".