Louisiana governor on sports betting: 'We should look at it'


Part of the GAME Act is now moot, since it would have allowed states to offer legalized sports betting.

However, with the Court's 6-3 ruling, the Act has been deemed unconstitutional.

On Monday, the Supreme Court struck down a federal law that prohibited states from authorizing sports betting. It was a costly six-year fight between the federal government and the state of New Jersey. He's wanted to add another casino and horseracing track in OH, and he's opposed to sports betting being limited to only the established gambling facilities, which he calls a "monopolistic" idea. The case, between New Jersey and the NCAA, was first heard in December. But Delaware, Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia are expected to follow suit soon after.

"More people start betting on sports now, it's like more people investing in the stock market", he said.

Why wouldn't they? Lotteries reported sales of $70.1 billion in 2014.

That in itself doesn't mean a whole lot for certain states.

"We believe in the next two years to three years, there are 10 to 12 states that are ripe and ready to activate on that", MGM President William Hornbuckle said. The states raking in the resulting tax revenue will likely emerge as the biggest winners.

The Mayor says it's the kind of cash infusion that they're looking for. He thinks team values are going to double.

Not pictured: high school sports. Stars Group Inc., a Canadian company that owns the PokerStars brand and agreed to buy Sky Betting & Gaming last month for $4.7 billion, saw a 15 percent gain. More people may be apt to try their hand at gambling since it will be legal.

Louisiana governor on sports betting: 'We should look at it'
Louisiana governor on sports betting: 'We should look at it'

Steve Ruddock, a reporter and online gaming expert at Online Poker Report, previously said he thinks RAWA is "dead and buried", and pointed out that overturning PASPA would add more shovels full of dirt to the effort.

So gambling has been going on and will continue to do so, undoubtedly growing in popularity in the process. Its hope is that books will be legally required to use official, league-provided information.

It's not like casino gaming is struggling in Oklahoma.

Nevada operators already price to compete as best they can against illegal offshore operations.

The NFL is all about making money and at some point will figure out how to benefit financially from sports gambling across the country.

Let's not forget technology. Orrin Hatch, the Utah Republican who authored PASPA, has already announced he will introduce new legislation to do just that. With gambling becoming legal, Twitter will likely look into how it can get a piece of the action as an information conduit. This is going to be a very competitive space. But if it requires them to go somewhere or even call someone, they may lose interest.

Not everyone is a victor with this ruling. "The time is NOW to legalize online poker!" "Before anything like this is passed through, you've got to have the infrastructure in place and the regulations". A quarterback, for example, could audible to pass on the first play of the game if he knew a bettor had laid a large amount of money on that outcome.

Of course, gamblers can't just simply walk down to the end of the block to place their bets - at least not yet. But in college, there will be guys willing to take $500 to fumble on the goal line. "Online gaming has tremendous correlation to younger and mobile viewing because online gaming largely lives on phones and other devices", said one person familiar with the league's plans. As much as fans may want to bet, they don't want anything impacting the game that shouldn't.