Merkel Defends Nuclear Agreement with Iran


The conflict in Syria has taken an enormous scale and can not be settled without the participation of Russia, Turkey, Iran, Europe and other regional powers, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Wednesday.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel supported the objective of 2% on defense, but avoids predictions when this goal can be achieved.

On May 11, Merkel criticized the decision of US President Donald Trump to withdraw the United States from the agreement with Iran, as she said, 'it is wrong to unilaterally cancel a pact unanimously approved by the Security Council of United Nations'.

In an address Monday, Germany's defense minister said the government will allocate 1.5-percent of gross domestic product by 2025.

Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, a Social Democrat, told reporters last week that tax estimates offered limited scope for additional fiscal spending up to 2022 and available money would be used to boost investment in digitisation and lower income taxes. It was the government's first public acknowledgment that Germany won't reach the 2 percent spending level pledged by North Atlantic Treaty Organization members by the middle of the next decade. "Rather, fulfilling our global commitments plus the defense of the alliance and our country make such an expense necessary".

A day before the start of the next summit of the European Union (EU), the head of the German government said that Iran sticks to the commitments of the pact, as recently confirmed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

She said situation will not improve after Washington's withdrawal from the deal.