Microsoft may challenge Apple with new Surface tablet


Microsoft is reportedly planning to release a line of cheaper Surface tablets that will allow it to compete more effectively with Apple's iPads. However, if executed correctly, Microsoft might be able to hit a sweet spot with the upcoming Surface Tablets and might as well give Apple a run for its money.

The new Surface tablets will debut in 2H18.

The first 10-inch member of the classroom-friendly family could be unveiled "as soon as the second half of 2018", according to rock-solid sources on the inside, fetching around $400 with iPad-like rounded edges and a USB Type-C port that's still notably absent from the Surface Pro.

There will be versions with 64 and 128 GB of storage, and models that connect to LTE cellular networks. Like the Surface 3, the new 10-inch device won't come bundled with any accessories, with said accessories being priced lower than the current offerings.

The Bloomberg report doesn't specify this, but it's likely that the new Surface is aimed at the cost-conscious education market. It seems odd that Microsoft would try so hard to push ARM on partners but opt for an Intel processor in its low-end Surface line instead.

Significantly lighter than the latest Pro generation, the new unnamed budget-friendly Surface is also expected to lose quite a bit of battery life while still packing Intel processing power and graphics muscle. A $400 Surface might draw in new audiences that previously weren't interested due to the high-price of Surface products usually. Let us know in the comments!