Mom accused of torturing 10 kids cuffed, bail set at US$500Gs


On Wednesday, prosecutors disclosed the children also had been waterboarded, shot with crossbows and had scalding water poured on them, CBS News reported.

The bathroom is strewn with feces at a home in Fairfield, Calif., Monday, May 14, 2018, where authorities removed 10 children and charged their father with torture and their mother with neglect after an investigation revealed a lengthy period of severe physical and emotional abuse.

Within the filed report, Deputy District Lawyer Veronic Juarez stated Rogers assisted within the abuse of her kids and persuaded them to not say something as a method to guard Allen.

Her 10 children were rescued from their squalid home in Fairfield, in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, on 31 March after she reported her eldest child, aged 12, missing. They found the child asleep under a bush in a nearby residence and returned the child to the home, where they conducted a search due to concerns about the children's safety, police said.

Prosecutors said officers entered the house and found nine children huddled together on the living room floor.

Rogers, who works at a heart-monitoring company, was released on bail last month but on Wednesday her bail was raised to $495,000 (£366,943) after Judge William J Pendergast said she remains a danger to the children.

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"There's no broken bones, there is no major scars, nothing", Rogers told reporters in front of her house. All 10 children were taken into protective custody by Solano County Child Welfare Services.

On Tuesday, Rogers was charged with nine counts of felony child abuse in addition to a misdemeanor charge of child cruelty that she already faced.

Mom accused of torturing 10 kids cuffed, bail set at US$500Gs
Mom accused of torturing 10 kids cuffed, bail set at US$500Gs

"I can't believe we're going through this, my whole family, this is a nightmare", she said. An attorney who represented Rogers in court Wednesday declined to comment after the hearing. He is being held at the Solana County Jail in lieu of $5.2 million bail.

It's unclear whether any California government agencies had an opportunity to intervene in the years authorities claim the 10 children suffered "horrific" abuse inside their suburban home.

Juarez wrote that Rogers dissuaded the children from reporting their injuries, which include broken arms, in order to protect Allen.

While police claimed some of the abuse was carried out for a "sadistic" objective, they have declined to reveal what that abuse entailed.

In the six weeks since that arrest, police said, authorities have interviewed the eight older children and learned more disturbing details about their lives, which led to authorities to arrest Allen and to bring more charges against Rogers. The father, 29-year-old Jonathan Allen, was also arrested and sent to the same facility where he pled "not guilty" to the charges against him.

Rogers was arrested and booked that day into the Solano County Jail on one count of child endangerment, according to prosecutor Sharon Henry of the Solano County district attorney's office.

The children had been home-schooled and were seen outside so rarely that some neighbors were shocked to learn more than a few lived at the house.

Police also said the children have burns, puncture wounds, and bruises - injuries consistent with being shot with a pellet or BB gun. Some of the children have been placed with her. "He looks like a scary individual, and that's why people are so quick to judge him", Rogers told reporters. Her husband, Jonathan Allen, faces multiple charges of torture and felony child abuse. "The police demonized me all the way down to the names I picked for my children", Allen said.

Solano County court records show that Allen was charged with four felonies in 2011, including corporal injury, assault with a firearm and criminal threats in a case involving his wife, identified by her initials, I.R.