Monica Lewinsky Disinvited From Philanthropic Event Because of Bill Clinton


Monica Lewinsky was uninvited to an event after former President Bill Clinton accepted an invitation to the same function-and she's not happy about it.

In a follow up Tweet, Lewinsky added that the magazine attempted to "ameliorate the situation" by offering her an article in their publication. According to the Huffington Post, Town & Country magazine invited Lewinsky and then asked her not to attend the brand's annual philanthropy summit on Wednesday when the former president RSVP-ed yes. "Neither he nor his staff knew anything about the invitation or it being rescinded".

It was later reported that the offending magazine was none other than Town & Country, and the mag confirmed it by taking to Twitter to offer an apology to Lewinsky.

Clinton headlined the event and introduced activist and survivor of the Parkland high school massacre Emma Gonzalez, who served on a panel discussion.

Disinviting Lewinsky from an event at which she can offer a significant contribution in favor of the man who was the source of so much tumult in her life shows that we still undervalue women and habitually offer excuses for the misbehavior of powerful men.

Monica Lewinski tweeted about being uninvited from an event. "Oh the irony", and showed an earlier tweet from Town and Country magazine with a quote that said, "Philanthropy starts with saying 'That's not right.' And getting to work'".

Lewinsky was 24 years old she became internationally famous overnight as the most private details spread on the internet.

Hearst did not respond to a request for comment.